Should I get the Oly 75mm?

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Re: My examples with the 45mm

The below is exactly my own experience. The subject simply gets to close for a good blur...

Rjansenbr2 wrote:

Anders W wrote:

marike6 wrote:

The Olympus 45 1.8 focuses down to 1.64' (0.5 m), and the Olympus 75 1.8 focuses down to 33.07" (84.00 cm).  So the 45 1.8 will give you more shallow DOF, no?

Both have a max magnification of about 1:10 so the DoF at the closest focus distance will be roughly the same.

But that's hardly the point here. The point is that the 75 will provide more background blur at the same DoF due to the fact that it magnifies the background more at the same subject magnification. See here

under the heading "Background blur" for further details and an illustration.

MrScorpio wrote:

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True, I can´t get that kind of background blur with the 45mm, at least not when showing the head and sholders

This is the result I get:

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