Anyone know how much cost to have new LCD screen cover put on 5N?

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Re: Anyone know how much cost to have new LCD screen cover put on 5N?

evoprox wrote:

There's a relatively thick protective top-layer that you can peel off. I removed it from my two N5 without any problems and AFAIK the 5n has it too (my 7 has it) but on my 5n it didn't have any spots so I left it on. Take great care not to bend/flex the display, since it takes some force to remove it but it will come off. Just add a new screen protector right after the job and you should be fine.

Hope that helps ... good luck !

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I didn't know that there was a factory-installed screen protector on the LCD display. I tried installing a screen protector on my 5N and upon peeling it off (as it didn't align with the screen), managed to peel off a section of the factory-installed screen protector. This bothered me some so I decided to take your advice and peel off the included screen protector entirely.  Admittedly, it looks quite cool as the edges of the screen light up white when the camera's powered on!

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