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Re: Question: Is there a Windows equivelent to COLORSYNC ?

Roy Sletcher wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

High resolution version:

By Andrew Rodney, author of “Color Management for Photographers”



Here is a 3-D viewer widget for comparing color spaces:,en

Bruce Lindbloom's web-site also has a 3-D viewer widget (for a list of color-spaces) here:

I watched the Digital Dog video. Extremely well presented, and a complex subject clearly explained.

I was intrigued by the Apple Colorsync utility which enabled Printer profiles to be visually compared to defined color spaces by means of a 3D plot.

My Question:

Does a PC or Windows utility exist which does the same thing, or close to the same thing?

I am calibrate my monitor and make printer/paper profiles with colormunki, and would like to see the co-relation between the two in 3D graphic format.

No direct experience with such applications. Googling the search terms:

"3-D color space windows"

... turned up a few apps with versions for Windows. Interestingly, they are all somewhat "dated":

Trial version allows 20 tests (2008):

Limited functionality trial version (2005):

Freeware (2007):

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