Should I get the Oly 75mm?

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Re: Should I get the Oly 75mm?

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Probably there is someone in the same situation.

I have an OM-D and have been using the 45mm 1.8 as a portrait lens. I really like it, but now wonder if I should also get the Oly 75mm.

My concern is if it will really make a night and day difference in comparison with the 45mm, specially in terms of shallow DOF and overall quality for portraits (mainly of my newborn daughter, who is now the inevitable model of all my pics). Do you think the FOV is too awkward?

After all, the USD 900 price tag isn´t that cheap for family photos...

Anyone has experience with both lenses?



Is it something you think you NEED?   What about buying a cheap legacy lens...lots of 85mm 1.8 type lenses available and they are all pretty much good lenses.

That way you can see if it is something you really want.

i have neither the 45 or 75 but love my Canon FD 85 1.2.     This is almost as much as a 75 and manual focus but 1.5 stops faster and easily adapted to other formats.

Some 85mm 1.8/f2 manual focus lenses go for peanuts (if you are lucky)....adapters can be cheap.

I don´t really need it... I could do fine with the 45mm... But maybe I am loosing more than I know.

I wouldn´t mind using legacy lenses, but just don´t know where I can get a good one. I live in Brazil and the availability of used lenses is not so easy...

Legacy 85s aren't all that cheap, especially if they are of good optical quality and in good shape. Not all that many people bought 85s in the past (135 mm was far more popular) so the supply is hardly huge. I paid about USD 300 for the Minolta MD 85/2 I bought and used with MFT before the 75/1.8 became available. Perhaps you can get away with slightly less for a Canon FD 85/1.8 but not a whole lot less.

Many of the legacy 85s are indeed pretty good lenses. But time has moved on and these lenses are optimized for a bigger sensor (aka 35 mm film). At really wide apertures, their performance on MFT is nowhere close to that of the 75/1.8.

Where to get them if you are interested? Unless you get lucky with some local dealer, ebay is a good place to start. Just make sure you take the usual precautions.


The only 85 I have tried on m4/3 is my Canon 85 1.2 and it is a wonderful lens even wide open (and on all formats it on the tiny Pentax Q also).....

I know a pawn shop that has a Minolta 85 1.7 seems to be in good condition (gotta have a closer look...not sure if MC or MD) but it is $40

I do not need any more lenses otherwise I would have got it (I also have a Nikon 85 1.8 but it is a bit is ok but a mess externally)  lots of 50s and adapters though for anything but FD yet.

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