D7100 vs GH3

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Re: D7100 vs GH3

Thorsten Steigerwald wrote:


I already posted this in the MFT forum, but I think I can address more people in this forum.

I currently own a Nex-7 and an OM-D. I tried the OM-D, but I don't like the buttons and it is a little too small for me. So I like the classic DSLR design better. This and the fact that I'm not satisfied with the pictures of the Nex made me look for a new camera. I recently took pictures of a birthdayparty with the Nex7. My pictures are better than the ones other people took, but I don't really like them. Last week I went to a camera store and looked at the GH3 and the Nikon D7100. They both fit good in my hand and I like the design. I also like the fact that they have a integrated flash. I know that a big flash is better, but the integrated is sometimes better than none. The flash from the Nex-7 is too low, so my 18-200 lens is in the picture.

Who has experiences with both cameras or at least with one of them, and can help me decide.

Ps. sorry for my english, I'm not a native english speaker.


Hmm, I don't have a D7100 or a GH3 but I do have a D5100 and a GF3 so at least a toe in both ballparks.

Honestly, I don't know that buying a new camera is going to solve the problem if you just don't like the way the photos are turning out.  I would work on learning how to change the camera's settings, composition, and post-processing to try and get the photos coming out of your NEX or OM-D to be more to your liking.  Or at least try and figure out what you don't like so you can find a camera that fits your hands and can give you photos you do like.

Indoors, if your flash is powerful enough bouncing it off the ceiling might work around the lens shadow problem.  I agree though having a pop-up flash is handy.

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