New micro 4/3 lens or dslr

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Re: New micro 4/3 lens or dslr

drawbridge wrote:

JoeBrautigam wrote:

"but i want to also get away from the micro four thirds and get a dslr what do u think?"

Some here have mentioned that running on two systems is usually a mistake.  As the owner of Nikon SLR and Olympus M43 gear I would agree.  But based on the sentence above it sounds like they are misreading your intentions.  Sounds to me like your intent on leaving the M43 world entirely.

If that's the case you should really consider whether or not your plans truly justify it.  If you want to print poster sized images I understand.  If you're big on shooting sports I see your point as well.  If you have reasons other than these I'd love to hear them.  (There are likely a few more good ones but I can't think of them myself.)

I can tell you that I have a D5100 and some decent lenses and they've been collecting dust since I purchased my M43 system.  I know the 7100 is a nice upgrade from the 5100 but it's still a DX body right?  A lot of smart people would tell you that if you really feel M43 isn't cutting it you're gonna need to at least step up to full frame to see a difference (at least in image quality.)

If you're still content to make a move I'd quit M43 cold turkey.  Don't buy any more lenses for a system you're leaving.  You could save that money for your next camera.  If you buy now and sell it later you'll lose money.   Best to sell everything all at once and put it towards new gear.

And again, If notably better image quality is your goal consider a full frame body.  Otherwise I'm not sure you'll even see a difference.


Thanks for responding,

Some of the reasons for switching is for a view finder (huge draw back in my opinion), 6fps, larger lens options such as 70-200mm, 35mm, 85mm, and 18-35 to name a few that im interested in.  i also want to shoot sports, nature, portraits, macros and pretty much anything because im young and still finding what i love to shoot most.  by young because you might be wondering i am 15. i know 15 year old wanting to switch sounds stupid and like a spoiled brat but i am very knowledgeable in all of this and i am not spoiled nor rich.  I have been saving up money and looking for a summer job.  i am looking to buy the kit with it because i think it is a good range for starting and not having any other lenses.  The final reason why i want to switch is because i have always wanted a dslr (more than m4/3) and thought it would suit me better.  for some reason i said that i wanted to get away from micro 4/3. i have no idea why i said that but im not im looking for something that will last me longer and have a better build quality also.

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