Battery Issue D4 vs. D3 - EN-EL18 only gives 600 - 800 shots

Started Apr 16, 2013 | Discussions thread
lnaru78 Forum Member • Posts: 62
Re: My EN-EL18 experience

Wow 10K shots on 1 charge. I wish I got that much. Here is what I noticed over the last week. I have networking turned off. Stated off with a fully charged and recalibrated battery. Over a course of 5 days, I shot 412 pics and the battery was down to 41% remaining.

This weekend, I fully charged the battery and shot around 480 pics on day 1 (within a span of 2 hours) and the battery indicated 76% charge remaining. Another 200 or so pics on day 2 and the battery level came down to about 62%.

I can see that as long you are shooting more in one go, you are able to get more number of shots but I havent seen this much of a rapid drain over a course of just a week in any of my previous cameras. A D7000 I used to have previously had no problems holding its charge for extended periods of time which doesnt seem to be the case for the D4 battery.

I am amazed with what the D4 can do but the battery is definitely disappointing.

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