No more SLT!

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Re: No more SLT!

captura wrote:

cosmonaut wrote:

I really don't see how the mirror issue even matters. For months before the first SLTs hit the market all I read was it will never work, it was tried in the film era and the view finder was to dark and yada, yada. no one figured on the EVF. Yes it works and works well. My a850 didn't quit working when the SLT came out and my a99 won't quit working when the SLT is a thing of the past. If need be I will upgrade to the next Sony FF mirror or not.

I just don't see what the big deal is and I don't see it that Sony has tried to hood wink or fool anyone. The a850/900 were and are still great performing cameras and my a99 will be for many years.

And now Canon has recently introduced the EOS 100D camera which about is the same size as a Panasonic G6. And that is a very-small DSLR WITH  a mirror. So they're all lining up at the starting gate.

Well the Canon is also APC-S and not much more than what Olympus did with the E-620.

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