Camera System?

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Re: Camera System?

Limburger wrote:

123Mike wrote:

Limburger wrote:

123Mike wrote:

You're being hypocritical again. You say you do no such thing, and you did it again just now. "I have much more experience". It is that attitude that is the problem with you. It is arrogant. It makes for an awful cut throat atmosphere!

A simple question.

What is your gear history, from the beginning (p&s count) till now?

Making a comparison of what each person knows would take a long time. Each person spends their braincycles in a different way. You can't gauge what one knows and what one does not know based on "gear history".

I think it is far more positive to contribute instead of trying to make others look small.

You avoided my question, so it still stands.

On the other hand, you've had your dancing lesson for the day.

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