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cplunk wrote:

dr jim wrote:

I'm not so sure that I'd agree with your Dad.  (No disrespect intended) While all the technology and "toy" aspect are fun, if he were right, I'd never play another round of golf or build another piece of furniture.  I get great personal pleasure from shooting a "great round" or making something nice, no matter if someone else can, or has done better. Maybe that was the case with family vacation type photography, but I don't think that's why a lot of us are here.  We like creating something nice, not just documenting a journey.

And if that's what you enjoy, do it.

Someone's gotta take the pictures in the books. But even for some of us that do enjoy photography, you gotta admit that the amount of time and energy spent to get pictures of that quality can turn into work, and stops being enjoyable at some point.

From a purely practical standpoint, don't expect everyone to agree with your justifications.

I am never going to make the PGA tour either, but I sure do enjoy trying to improve my game. With photography, I enjoy trying to get terrific images. I read up and study the art and I practice. I work hard to rely on skill rather than luck to get an aesthetically pleasing photo . . . and I enjoy it immensely. I am sorry that you see that energy being spent as something other than enjoyable. I'd never spend the money and time I spend on this hobby if I suddenly felt like it was a chore. And in my case, I have A LOT of room to improve so I can see the benefits of my efforts paying off from year to year (and even month to month).

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