How to properly compare RX-100 and NEX-6 kit high ISO noise?

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Re: How to properly compare RX-100 and NEX-6 kit high ISO noise?

I don't think 28mm eq is a fair comparison if you want to compare kits. Because with NEX-6 I can go to 24mm eq at f3.5 so then it's f3.5 vs f1.8 which is less than 2 stops.

Then the question becomes by how many stops does the APS-C sensor in NEX-6 better then RX100 sensor when it comes to low ISO performance and details.

I am really bad with these calculations but I can point you to an interesting post where I certainly had to admit I was wrong in my understanding on things but I get it better now:

Here's one quote from someone who know what they are talking about:

(Per random78)

So on NEX I can use ISO 2600 and f3.2 and still get about the same quality as RX100 at f1.8 and ISO 800. Thats why we can say that effectively in terms of exposure the f1.8 lens on RX100 is similar to f3.2 on NEX. Which is basically what I had said in my original statement. Also keep in mind that this equivalence is based on the assumption that the difference in sensor performance is exactly scaled by sensor size. In reality that is not completely true as some parts of sensor performance are limited by circuit technology and not sensor size. In practice I find that RX100 @ f1.8 gives me slightly better low light capability than NEX @ f3.5

That said though when you start zooming on the RX100 you quickly start losing the advantage of the f1.8 and the NEX-6 kit will quickly start winning. If you consider that the distortion of the wide angle is hardly perfect for portraits, I'd say even comparing kit for kit NEX-6 wins overall, IMO...unless we are talking specifically at their lowest focal lengths at which RX100 has a slight lead.

P.S. RX100 though is till one impressive camera. Sometime I think it would have been enough for me but then I do have the 55-210 and some legacy lenses if you buy NEX-6 and don't take advantage of other lenses - I think RX100 is a better choice overall.

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