Why m4/3rds is declining in the US.

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Re: Why m4/3rds is declining in the US.

I figured I should join in as someone who actually does own a m43 camera.  It's not the OMD.  It's the significantly older Panasonic DMC-G10, the slightly defeatured cheaper version of the G2.  When I bought it, it was $399 with the kit lens from B&H. I couldn't resist. So there may be some validity to your first point, that OMD is priced high.

As for dynamic range, it depends where you're coming from.  My previous digital camera was a Panasonic DMC-FZ7 superzoom, with a 1/2.5"  6.2MP sensor.  Dynamic range was pretty horrifying.  It did not shoot "raw", only jpeg.  Base ISO was 100, and even at ISO 200 there was some visible noise.  ISO 400 was as high as that camera would go at full resolution.   I was looking for a similar size (and weight) camera that would improve on that situation.

Compared to the FZ7, the G10 is tons better.  It does shoot raw, and I mostly use that. Up to ISO 800 there is no problem cleaning up noise - almost entirely luminance noise - in ACR.  It can be done at ISO 1600, but it loses more detail than I want to lose.  So I tend to stick to ISO 100 to 800.  Dynamic range is clearly better.  This performance does not compare to current (or even 3 year old) DSLR performance, but it is enough to enable me to shoot in situations where my FZ7 could not cut it.  I'll probably annoy many people even on the m43 forum by upgrading to a G6 if they sell it body only, not to an OMD, and certainly not to anything with a swinging mirror and without the ability to accurately show me histograms BEFORE I take the picture. I kind of like the EVF.

Before I went digital I had a Pentax K1000.  I know what optical viewfinders look like.

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