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Which is the better camera system to go with? Canon or Nikon? Does one or the other have better lenses ? We all know that they try to out do each other in technology. Although I think Nikon is winning right now. Canon or Nikon which is better to build a system on? I've actually thought about going over to the other side.

Flip a coin.   At the moment Nikon is using better sensors, but odds are Canon will catch up within a year, and maybe even go ahead.   Personally, I expect them to effectively draw even, but not move ahead.  Nikon made the smart move to buy, not make, their sensors so they can always buy from a company that has the latest technology, be it Sony, Toshiba, Aptina, and possibly Panasonic.   I doubt Canon is going to be able to move ahead of all those companies and make a much better sensor than what Nikon can buy from one of them.  Canon needs to update their fab badly as their process size is a generation behind already and I don't see them being able to jump back into the lead

Both make excellent cameras and a huge line of good-to-excellent lenses.   Third parties make yet more, often at lower prices.   If you have some specific, unusual need you might be able to get a lens for one and not the other, but it would have to be unusual.   Throw in video and things get more complex because video is still a rapidly evolving world.   Neither company seems to be doing an especially wonderful job of implementing video across their entire dslr lines, though Canon has usually done a bit better.   Sony gets credit for taking video more seriously, but that makes sense given Sony's greater reliance on video products.   Pentax is the exact opposite, solid in still photography, barely trying in video.

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