Should I get the Oly 75mm?

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If you have the money get the 75!

The 75mm is the best lens I've ever used.  I also have the 45mm and I like it but the 75mm is going to give you some advantages well worth considering...

First, it's just so incredibly sharp that images taken with it really stand out.  The 45 is sharp but there's a difference and you don't need to study test shots to see it.

Second, the added focal length gives you the option of selecting a much shallower depth of field.  So many images from this lens end up with a great sense of depth due to the relationships between the in and out of focus objects in the picture.

Third, the 75mm doubles as a solid sports lens.  Remember M43 75mm is 150mm equivalent in full frame.  Combined with it's 1.8 aperture, it can take some quality sports shots, even indoors.  (Now if only these M43 cameras will get better at focus tracking.)

Finally, you can take more candid portrait shots of people because you get the right framing from a greater distance.  It's great for street photography but I also find it especially useful with small children as they are easily distracted by a grownup holding a camera in their face.  You can shoot intimate portraits from across the yard or the room.  Move in closer and you can get amazing images where the subject covers the entire frame.  Imagine closeups of faces, fingers, etc.

The 45mm will still serve you well at times when the 75mm can't get the full subject in view because you're too close and there's a wall or something behind you.  But the 75mm is my go-to lens, and I actually think the pair complement one another nicely.


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