TV as a monitor?

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Re: TV as a monitor?

You haven't mentioned what your application is.

If you want to use your computer as a media centre or for presentation, nothing is wrong with using a good quality TV or projector as the 'monitor'.

For probably all other uses, a monitor is better.

I have a JVC RS40 which is a top quality projector and the image it projects is amazing and the color are relatively accurate (comparing to other projectors and tv's). It is great for watching blu-ray or HD movies but I wouldn't use it for viewing pictures: the lack of resolution is obvious and colors are far from accurate comparing to a good monitor.

I just recently had a Dell U2713h for about a week and it had the best image quality I have ever seen in a monitor, tv or projector. Its image is just in a different class.

So a large size high resolution monitor with true 8bit IPS panel would be my choice.

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