No more SLT!

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Re: No more SLT!

The real issue, is the future of the A-mount for those heavily invested in Sony/Minolta lenses.

The rumors suggest that Sony will make an A-mount mirrorless camera.  And let's face it, the SLT technology was really 2/3rds down the road to mirrorless.  Other than a reflected phase detection system, SLTs are the equivalent of mirrorless cameras.

So if Sony masters placing phase detection in a main sensor (look to see how well it does in the Sony Nex7n to be released soon), then a Sony shooter may do quite well with a Sony mirrorless A-mount.

But in the long run, will Sony keep making 2 different mounts of mirrorless cameras?  Certainly, for new buyers, the Nex E-mount would seem greatly advantageous just for the size difference. Why make a big bulky dSLR when it's no longer necessary?

Putting aside those people already heavily invested in lenses (a small percentage of camera buyers), how many people would prefer a big bulky dSLR-sized mirrorless over a small compact NEX size mirrorless?

Personally, I'd take the bulk, for easier access to the manual controls, for better fit in my hands, and for the Internal stabilization system.  But I have a bad feeling I'm in the minority.  In which case, how long before Sony just picks the E-mount over the A-mount?

In which case when my current SLT dies or becomes hopelessly outdated, I'll have nothing to use my lenses on?

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