TIFF problem with Canon scanner & Photoshop - Help please

Started Apr 28, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: TIFF problem with Canon scanner & Photoshop - Help please

Thanks for your assistance chaps. You have pointed me in the right direction.

I was using the Canon Scan Gear software & found that it does not embed a profile. I use ProPhoto RGB in Photoshop & something was going wrong when opening in the ProPhoto colour space.

When I set the Canon driver to embed ProPhoto the TIFF image opened in PS displaying the correct colours.

What I don't understand is that if I embedded SRGB & opened in PS, into ProPhoto colour space, the colours are very noticeably wrong. Yet is I scan in Vuescan, even embedding SRGB at the scanning stage, the colours are displayed correctly when opened in my ProPhoto space.

I assume the problem was caused by the Canon software not embedding a profile (as far as I can see). I will read the instructions again to see if I can work it out in my own mind!

Oh well, at least I know what to do now so I will not loose any sleep over it.

Thanks again for your help.

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