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Re: Use IS or not

Myer wrote:

Thanks for all of the replies. Since the responses are all over the place, maybe we should invite an expert (whatever that is), or maybe a Canon lens engineer onto this thread to give us their opinion.

One of the last responders mentioned something interesting. IS Mode 2 is for panning. Last weekend I went to a wetlands park and I was trying to capture some birds in flight. I was in AI Servo mode and I found the lens didn't reset focusing fast enough. Even with IS turned off. I attributed that to my T2i possibly noyt pushing the lens fast enough (I could be very incorrect here) rather than the lens.

I wonder if the results would have been better with IS turned on but in Mode 2 for panning.

I also wonder if I would have done better in One-Shot mode rather than AI-Servo although I can't think of why that would be. In One-Shot mode it's very difficult to pick up a bird in flight.

Thanks for the comments so far. Eventually, I'll reread the entire thread and develop a plan.

Well, I can provide you with two examples, both taken with the Canon EF 70-200 f4L IS and the 50D. In both cases the IS was on and the lens-camera combination worked beautifully.

This was taken at 200mm at an incredible 1/13 sec

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