Should I get the Oly 75mm?

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Re: Should I get the Oly 75mm?

I rented the 75mm for a recent trip.  It's an interesting focal length to work with.  You really do need some distance between you and your subject.  This is a WAG, but I'd say the best portraits were obtained from something like 20-30 feet away.  The lens is wonderfully sharp and gives nice subject isolation.  I don't have access to the original of this picture from this computer, so please excuse the crappy Facebook copy with all its compression and artifacts.  Nevertheless, you can see what the lens can do for candid portraits.  Good stuff.  If I had $900 to burn, I'd buy it.

EDIT: FWIW, I also own the PL25.  I love that lens.  One of my favorites.  But the 75mm is a lot sharper.  You can see that immediately once you start using it.  I don't find the 75's rendering to be particularly good or bad -- the PL25 frankly feels more special in that regard.  But the 75mm is razor sharp.

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