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Re: Feisol tripod question

Ball heads s*ck for action photography with a long lens. Consider a gimbal mount if you plan to shoot birds in flight. For a lighter lens, you may be able to get by with a lightweight such as the Jobu Jr.3.  Another possibility is the half-gimbal that fits onto a ballhead tipped 90 degrees to the side. The tilt is done by the gimbal assembly, the rotation is done by the ball head panning base. Half-gimbals require meaty ball heads to work right.

My kit: Feisol 3472 (no center column), Arca-Swiss Z1sp, Custom Brackets Basic Gimbal (the "half-gimbal" I was talking about above). The Feisol has a huge base, and the Arca-Swiss is a 90mm diameter ball base.  I am 5'5", so the tripod is too tall for me when fully extended. For most things, this combo is overkill, but for 400mm lens, my setup is very stable.

I recommend Feisol.

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