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Brad Davis wrote:

GregF wrote:

I'm not a street shooter but I do shoot a lot of movement, including kids, motocross, radio-controlled models; each of these are challenging in their own ways.

I have found, as a relatively new D600 user, that I can't always shoot wide open depending on the subject size and distance.  I do have to pay attention to my aperture in some cases to make sure I get the range of focus I need.

After that, for movement I typically use AF-C single or 9-point.  There is one particular menu setting for street shooting you should fiddle with.  There is an AF tracking setting in the autofocus menu that adjusts the delay before the focus will lock onto a new subject distance after a previous lock.  If you set this to "OFF", the AF will always immediately adjust to the subject on the current active focus point.  I think this is better for street shooting and journalistic stuff where you need to have instant response to subjects of varying distances.

EDIT:  The above AF tracking is applicable while you continue to "half-press" the shutter (or keep the AEL assigned as AF-ON pressed); if you release and re-'half-press' the shutter, you will get instant focus on the active point.

This is very good advice--tinkering with this setting caused dramatic changes in my AF accuracy/operation shooting soccer, track etc.  Try some experiments with different settings and see if this helps.  (I use a D600 and the 70-200 VRII and am quite happy in AF-C 9 point for soccer etc.)

Honestly, my technique is what needs the most practice; but this setting above is huge.  If you have great technique and need the ultimate response, you leave it OFF.  I use a Sigma 70-200 f/2.8 OS with the D600 and the AF does a great job.

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