Epson 3880 and 3rd party inks in UK

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Re: Decision Time

My big vote to inkexpress too.

Another great one is the CISS (not the refillable carts) but continuous ink system for R3000, Inkrepublic is making an excellent system for it. In my opinion, the CIS works better than refillable carts in R3000. Normally the old printer like R2400 is not very CIS friendly due to the tube traveling around, but the R3000 has easier design where one can place all the tubes on top of the printer and just station them there without moving anything. For the longterm usage and easier operation and reset, I think inkrepublic ciss is a much better choice.

The IRK4-nano inks are awesome! Either one, inkexpress or inkrepublic, you will get great products anyway.

Zone8 wrote:

Hi again Dave,

Sounds like best to go for the R3000 - Alex does pigmented inks and refillables for that:

Hope you get sorted OK.  Fotospeed are pretty good but expensive.  Marrutt - avoid!

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