"Equivalence" demonstrated: Canon 5D and Panasonic GX1

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Re: "Adding to the confusion"

walkaround wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

Wasn't it you who said:


Equivalent images all have identical:


- Shutter Speed

- Aperture

- Framing

Anyone who says "equivalence" means something other than the above is an idiot.

Anyone who disagrees with my definition of "equivalence" is an idiot.


Yes, and it was obviously sarcasm, and noted as such. But then you knew that already.

Actually, I missed that.  Apologies.

Your "entertainment" continues. Sad for you that this thread will get to 150 soon. What will you do then?

I would like you to answer this question, which I have now posed to you three times without an answer:

If noise and DOF do not matter, then what is the difference between f/2 ISO 100, f/2.8 ISO 200, f/4 ISO 400, f/5.6 ISO 800, etc.?

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