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Re: Then again

To the OP:  Getting back to your original situation, I am unclear about why you want 2 systems.  If you want a small system, EPL-1 (which I own) and Oly bodies other than OM-D are for small size, street photography, maybe landscapes.  You now seem to want to shoot longer ranges, for which DX or even FX DSLR's are much better suited (except for weight).


1.  Stick with Oly compactness, buy a 40-150R which is cheap and sharp, and perhaps add an electronic VF to give you greater convenience in tele range,

2.  Buy into a DX (or even FX, if you have $, D600) body, tele zoom 70-300 Nikkor, other lenses as desired or affordable, and use that combo for long-range shooting.'

3.  Get an OM-D or Panny body, e.g. Panny GH-3 or (smaller) G3, G5, or (new) G6.  These have integral EVF and are operationally more like a DSLR.  Then you can use m4/3 mount lenses and decide on how much bulk you want to handle.  Note In-body stabilization only for the Oly body.

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