About OSS degrading image quality

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Re: Physics 101 :)

Letsgokoulos wrote:

smallLebowski wrote:

Zeiss is right, but prefers to hide complete answer.

When you have IS in the lens - this means that there is a "floating" element at all times. Now, when you hold your camera in hands - that's a good thing. However, when you have your camera on tripod - then this floating element will do harm, due to that element will keep floating (very little of course - maybe micrometers or even nanometers) and essentially it will result in smudge pixels right?

What we need is parking system - if that floating element can be parked (fixed) when needed (basically on/off button) - then there should be no degradation in IQ.

Also, when you turn on/off in the menu (not on the actual lens) you may be just switching off software responsible for stabilisation, but floating element will continue to float in the lens. So, eventually it all depends if your lens has parking system for that floating element.

That's how I see it - I maybe wrong.

This is somewhat amazing for me... I forgot to turn OSS off during a static shooting session on tripod with the Sony 18-200mm, and never noticed any problem (with over 150 pictures). Since then, I just don't turn OSS off and can guarantee I never encountered even a single problem with stabilisation playing tricks.

If this is luck, then I must admit to be very lucky indeed !


My experience has been the same as yours.

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