More questiona about the a77 and a99

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Re: More questiona about the a77 and a99

Roxanne, you have gotten some good advice. But you also have not gotten a reply that would tell you that you could have gotten a pretty great shot with your A-550 and a better lens such as the 70-200 f/2.8 for what you were shooting.  Also, you wouldn't have been at 1600 iso for that shot with the ability to have more light on your subject!  I realize that new equipment will improve on some aspects of a person's photography; especially at a cost!  If cost is no object, then by all means follow your dreams of equipment cravings.  I say this just to inform you that some of the thoughts you have about getting an A-99 for what you are shooting is really not necessary, when a lens or two would have gotten the shot!

You have the A-77 now, which isn't really that much better than your A-550 for low light shooting except for resolution(IMHO). Borrow or rent a 70-200mm F/ 2.8  lens(Sony,Sigma,Tamron) before you make the jump to the A-99, and see if this takes care of what you need. Should you make the jump to the A-99, you will gain a wider perspective view of your subjects, but will end up loosing the 1.5 crop as you are accustomed to.  In other words, your 70-200 should get the whole group from the third row(you got them with the A-550, I guess) but you will be able to get them from farther back without a problem,also.

Sorry to be so long winded, but I would suggest you try a lens purchase before you make another jump!  Now if money is not a concern, you will just be making these purchases for lenses to suit your needs all over again by going to the A-99!  Good luck in you decisions!

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