More questiona about the a77 and a99

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Re: More questiona about the a77 and a99


I have both a A65 (same sensor, etc. as A77) and an A99.   Glad to see you are going with the A99.  There is a HUGE difference in high ISO performance.  By the way, I just took some photos of my nephew's play and used the 70-300G lens.  I am not sure the 70-200 will give you enough reach with a full-frame camera.  Yes the 70-300G is only f4.5.5.6, but with the A99 you can boost the ISO and not worry too much.  That lens is known to be sharp at its largest aperature which is not always the cast with some f2.8 lenses (I have not particularly researched the 70200G as I am using some Minolta glass in that range).

Another A65 vs. A99 comparison was the EVF.   The full-frame sensors makes a dramatic difference in what is, I believe, the same EVF.


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