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123Mike wrote:

You're being hypocritical again. You say you do no such thing, and you did it again just now. "I have much more experience". It is that attitude that is the problem with you. It is arrogant. It makes for an awful cut throat atmosphere!

Mike. Can't you understand that some people do have a lot more experience than others. Some people have spent a lot more time than others learning all the aspects of photography. That's a fact. That's not arrogant. He didn't say he's a better person than you. He didn't even say he's a better photographer than you. He said he had more experience than you. What's arrogant about this? He's older than you and has spent more time at it than you. That's experience.

I've got more experience than you as well. I've been involved in this for over fifty years which is a lot longer than you've been alive. Again, it doesn't say I'm a better person or anything other than time at it. That's experience. A lot of experience may mean more knowledge. It might not mean that either. It depends on how someone applied themselves during that time. See what I mean? You take offense at factual and truthful things as if they're insults to you. Being less experienced is not an insult. It's a fact of life.

Happysnapper (Lee) from the UK is a pilot. I'm not. He's way more experience flying an airplane than I am. I'm not the least bit insulted by that. Why should I be? I've only flown an airplane a few times years ago when I took lessons. Of course I'm not experienced at being an airplane pilot.

Why do you feel insulted that some people are more experienced at photography than you are? You haven't been at it as long. There's nothing wrong or insulting about that nor is a more experienced photographer arrogant just because he is more experienced. It's not cut throat or anything of the sort. Why are you coming up with that?

One way to become more experienced is to become less interested in your camera and more interested in the images you will take with that camera. Worry less about converting others to what you purchased and more about learning how to take a compelling image with whatever tool you choose to use. If you believe your camera does great in-camera HDR, put some great compelling HDR images up in your gallery where you used that feature. That shows experience and knowledge at the same time. If I'm going to talk about HDR, I ought to be able to point at some HDR images I've done. Maybe they're lousy, but I should have some.

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Cheers, Craig
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