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Blunderact wrote:

JerryCurtis wrote:

The newest gear is always great... let's face it, toys are fun However, I think if we were all more photography-centric and less gear-centric, we'd all take much better pictures

I absolutely agree.

While some traditionalists might agree with you, and some professionals starve if this isn't true...

My wife clearly understands that my hobby is more about playing with the camera than it is taking photographs.

And even my father, who first taught me about photography as a pre-teen, using his 35mm nikor SLR, told me when visiting historical site in Europe that if I really wanted great pictures of those site I should just but a book.  The only reason to use a camera there is to photograph your kids visiting the place (and then he ordered me where to pose).

But he still remained interested in the technology of cameras and it's history and evolution. And was always researching them, even if he had little interest in buying a new one to take pictures of. After all, he kept his 35mm manual focus Nikor with a 50mm f1.8a and Soligor 35-140mm zoom until he finally upgraded to Dimage 7. But he'd tell me all about the advancements of all the cameras coming on the market and how they worked. (and continually tell me DSLRs are a bit silly keeping the mirror inside a digital camera).

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