X100 to X100s Worth The Upgrade?

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Re: X100 to X100s Worth The Upgrade?

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stevenjames wrote:

So I have the X100 and have been happy with it despite its quirks. I'm trying to decide if its worth the time and $$ to upgrade?

Any pro's or con's?



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I'm surprised to find that in this entire thread no one has described the incredible manual focus features of the X100s. I used the word "incredible" deliberately because that is how I felt when I discovered the feature. Yes, I own both of the cameras. My X100s arrived last Thursday.

Aside all the other improvements and/or refinements to the 's' version, the manual focus choice between a split image or a high/low point (hard for me to describe) diffraction focusing that once tried I'm thinking to give up on autofocus entirely for most shots and use the beautiful high point diffraction method most of the time.

I don't have to worry a lot about the money anymore but if I still did I think I'd have done whatever I had to do to get an X100s if I'd had a way to try out the manual focusing before the buy. In fact I upgraded without being aware of more than a 'fix' to the nonexistent manual focusing of the X100.

You've got to try it before your question could ever be adequately answered. The way I feel about it is that if I had never used a good manual focusing camera in my life (I did - between 1960 and 1999) this camera would make a convert out of me from autofocus dependent to manual focus junkie.

I agree about the manual focus.  It is a great upgrade.  However, it's the OVF that really drew me to this camera, so I still only use manual focus when necessary, since I don't use the EVF very often.

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