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Keit ll wrote:

As far as I can see when IS ,whether in the lens or body , is switched off the stabilization elements are 'parked' & therefore should not degrade IQ in any way provided the engineering is up to scratch.

It is a fact that lack of IS can seriously degrade IQ when slow shutter speeds are used & this has been demonstrated countless times in many reviews.

For this reason many people use tripods when shooting in low light for static scenes eg. churches & museums etc. However this is in conflict with the reason why many use compact cameras in the first place , the desire for portability & lightweight equipment. This could be obviated by having either more IS lenses or  better by having IBIS , IS in body. Minolta introduced this facility in camera bodies & Sony inherited this technology when they aquired the Minolta camera division. It is also a fact that the legacy lenses which have made the NEX even more popular cannot be retro-fitted with IS & the use of these lenses would be greatly enhanced by having IBIS.

They still use it in Alpha bodies but dropped it for the NEX series. It is claimed that this was to cut down on sensor over-heating when shooting video & to make the NEX more compact but Olympus have IBIS in their micro two thirds compacts & the Alpha cameras have IBIS & use software techniques for Video stabilization. I would like to see a return to IBIS in the NEX 7N but Sony are adamant that they will not do this.

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Keith C

I second that.

Having basic IBIS on my E-PL1 really seems to make a difference (some of the time.)

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