"Equivalence" demonstrated: Canon 5D and Panasonic GX1

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Re: ... comparison continued (crops)

boggis the cat wrote:

pidera wrote:

Canon 5d iso1600

Canon g7 iso80

I see roughly the same amount of noise in the iso1600 image as in the iso80 image. As expected given the cropfactor of roughly 4,75.

The results are quite similar.  The G7 result looks better to me, including less noise, but that could be due to the processing and / or better optical performance (with the 135 lens stopped down to f/22).

The main differences to my eyes is color and noise.  The G7 no doubt has a more efficient sensor than the 5D (the QE of the 5D is a measly 25%), which accounts for the noise differential.  I assume that color can be dealt with in processing.

However, as far as lens performance goes, all systems suffer the same diffraction softening at the same DOF, so it's unlikely that optical performance would be a player at apertures dominated by diffraction softening.

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