"Equivalence" demonstrated: Canon 5D and Panasonic GX1

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Re: Not to crush your spirit....

ljfinger wrote:

walkaround wrote:

ljfinger wrote:

But I'm going to crush your spirit.

Equivalent images all have identical:


- Shutter Speed

- Aperture

- Framing

Anyone who says "equivalence" means something other than the above is an idiot.

As shown in my samples, those don't result in equivalent images.

Anyone who disagrees with my definition of "equivalence" is an idiot.

So, to you, the EXIF data is more important than the images.  To most of us, the images are more important than the settings used to take the images.

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Lee Jay
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I don't think he's willing to listen to any viewpoints that contradict his faulty understanding.  Those of us who understand the basic elements of a photograph (composition, perspective, brightness, depth of field, blur/lack thereof) are in agreement, but strangely enough it's not a universally accepted concept that equivalent photos by definition should have the same DOF.  Strange but true.  Your post reduced that strange idea to its understandably absurd conclusion, but the OP still didn't get the point.  Might be time to pack up and let him be.

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