Happily switched from Aperture to Lightroom?

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Re: Happily switched from Aperture to Lightroom?

bravozulu wrote:

To prepare for the day when I'll be able to run PP software, I have been lurking here. My current Mac is a G4, so it doesn't  have an Intel CPU and thus can't run any current PP ware. Thus, I read. Not just forums, but I've downloaded the Aperture documentation and have read that. Also read the documentation for PhotoMechanic. That is my anticipated workflow scheme, along with PhotoNinja or possibly Nik.

This last week I got The DAM Book from the local library because I felt I need a battleplan to do PP and manage my image workflow. The author has a startling awareness of image and digital management. For people running either LightRoom or Aperture, the book explains things handled  automatically by the programs. Little knowledge is required of the user since both have built-in databases to keep track of things.

But I was a little sad when he made a mildly negative comparison of the two. He talks a lot about media that becomes a dinosaur over time. Anyone remember Zip Disks? The author, Peter Krogh, is bothered that a lot of the metadata created by Aperture can't be exported. Sooner or later ANY media will be dead duck, meaning that editing tags created by Aperture can't be read by other programs. Maybe I'm not using the correct nomenclature for the parameters involved, but it seems the other programs create files which are more universal. Whereas Aperture files (or maybe just metatdata) are unique.

That doesn't spell 'permanence', nor security. And what is the objective of archiving and backup disks if the files they store can't be read at some time in the future. I haven't made my final choice, and being a Mac guy and hearing about the user interface of LR , I want AP to work for me. I heartily recommend the book. At the least, you will learn marvelous paths to keep your data clean, organized and secure.

How old was the book you were reading? When Apple updated Aperture to Aperture 3, Apple made a special effort to ensure that the meta data in Aperture was standards compliant. I would be surprised to hear if Lightroom was somehow more standards compliant than Aperture 3. (Aperture 2 apparently didn't support IPTC data properly, but that isn't the case with version 3.)

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