My next lens the DA 43 ltd ?

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Re: Ups...maybe I wrote mistakable

kikivrany wrote:

Hello  Wheatfield

Wheatfield wrote:

kikivrany wrote:

Hello Brentliris

For sure the FA 43 is a very sharp lens, but when you use a lens with higher ISO's, you must made a compromise, the NR  takes it's sharpness.

So when you use this FA 43 @ 3200 and add a critical hand held shutter speed to it (1/13sec.)  and you use  also a thin DOF (f 3.2) , only to get the shot, and even miss focus the shot a little ( ) ...what does remain from the IQ of a FA 43mm ..... ????  .... it's very nice way to capture colours and contrast :

My example: K5 with FA 43mm @ f3.2 / 1/13sec / ISO 3200 / miss focus (front focused) !

best regards  kikivrany

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carpe noctem

Are you really blaming the lens for your failure to get the simple technical requirements of photography right?

Do you think your picture would have been better with a kit zoom lens, for example?

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Always remember, whenever you declare someone the dumbest person on Earth, someone else will stare at their screen intently, cross their arms and say ‘Challenge accepted’.

No, I don't try to blame the lens, but maybe I wrote mistakable.

I love my FA 43mm.

We discuses so often the sharpness of a lens, but hands down, do we really use the lens then always at it's best sharpness ?

Probably not, but my experience has been that most lenses that are stellar at theri best aperture are generally pretty darned good at their worst aperture, and lenses that are mediocre at their best aperture are pretty bad at their worst aperture.

To my post:   I use my FA 43 often with high ISO's, and then I don't use it's very good sharpness, because the NR do reduce it. But all what I try to say was: the FA 43 is more than only a sharp lens, and when you can't give the lens the settings for to show this sharpness (like I must did in this very dark church) it still remains it's wonderful way to capture the colours and contrast. And that I did try to show in this picture.

Consider that if you didn't have a 43 (or any lens that is really good at it's best), you wouldn't have access to it's qualities when you can use it optimally, and a lesser lens wouldn't be as good in any shooting condition.

BTW:  I really like the picture, and when you click on the picture and watch it in the 100% view, then it does looks much better than the embedded picture. Ok, it's a little front focused.

It is a very nice shot.

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