Set up for photographing birds and planes in flight

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Neil Schofield Contributing Member • Posts: 540
Re: Set up for photographing birds and planes in flight

Hi Richard

70-200 is focally very short, however I have found that at Bempton when I was there about two weeks ago, that the ganets opccasionally pop up over the cliffs and are quite close for hand held shots,

Additionally I clocked that the middle viewing platform later in the afternoon had a procession of returning birds at head height and close streaming by, again perfect for 200/300mm hand held

At the Bempton feeding station next to the RSPB building, you can with a remote and tripod in the lafternoon sun and lens pre focussed, get great shots of the tree sparrows in flight as they approach/fight over the feeder

If you have the mark 2 version of the lens I understand it will take the mark 3 teleconverters quite well, otherwise, something longer may be required, I was using a 70-300mm hand held and a 300-800mm on tripod, and it still isn't easy, especially in heavy winds

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