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NC_grouch wrote:

I never thought about Sony as being a contender in the DSLR world, because when I think of Sony; I think of AV. I've had a Sony Walkman in the way back zone and now I have a Sony 3d TV. But as a whole, I guess the question is: Which (or maybe who) is better? Considering everything?

Sony has one trump card over all the other DSLR types other then the m4/3 systems and that is fast focus in video.

Neither Nikon nor Canon can match it.  But Nikon and Canon have a larger more diverse/complete systems to choose from.  There are rational people buying all of these brands.  And a few irrational ones too.  But between the top two there is no rational way to say that one is truely superior to the other.  They are not identical.  I have owned all three mentioned here.  Sony was a Minolta from before Sony bought them out.  The Canon I owned was an entry level.  For me, once I settled on Nikon I found what I wanted in both lenses and bodies.  But even though I like where I am I still see things I admire in every other brand.

I started to list them, but it occurred to me this might be taken as flamebait to those inclined to fight.  Instead I'll just repeat myself.  From your wide open statement there can be no rational reply or we would also be able to tell you why all the other brands went out of business.

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