My next lens the DA 43 ltd ?

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Ups...maybe I wrote mistakable

Hello  Wheatfield

Wheatfield wrote:

kikivrany wrote:

Hello Brentliris

For sure the FA 43 is a very sharp lens, but when you use a lens with higher ISO's, you must made a compromise, the NR  takes it's sharpness.

So when you use this FA 43 @ 3200 and add a critical hand held shutter speed to it (1/13sec.)  and you use  also a thin DOF (f 3.2) , only to get the shot, and even miss focus the shot a little ( ) ...what does remain from the IQ of a FA 43mm ..... ????  .... it's very nice way to capture colours and contrast :

My example: K5 with FA 43mm @ f3.2 / 1/13sec / ISO 3200 / miss focus (front focused) !

best regards  kikivrany

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carpe noctem

Are you really blaming the lens for your failure to get the simple technical requirements of photography right?

Do you think your picture would have been better with a kit zoom lens, for example?

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Always remember, whenever you declare someone the dumbest person on Earth, someone else will stare at their screen intently, cross their arms and say ‘Challenge accepted’.

No, I don't try to blame the lens, but maybe I wrote mistakable.

I love my FA 43mm.

We discuses so often the sharpness of a lens, but hands down, do we really use the lens then always at it's best sharpness ?

To my post:   I use my FA 43 often with high ISO's, and then I don't use it's very good sharpness, because the NR do reduce it. But all what I try to say was: the FA 43 is more than only a sharp lens, and when you can't give the lens the settings for to show this sharpness (like I must did in this very dark church) it still remains it's wonderful way to capture the colours and contrast. And that I did try to show in this picture.

BTW:  I really like the picture, and when you click on the picture and watch it in the 100% view, then it does looks much better than the embedded picture. Ok, it's a little front focused.

best regards  kikivrany

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carpe noctem

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