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Well then we can agree to disagree. I think Canon and Nikon have serious advantages in offering a system of lenses and accessories which is not offered by others. I think they do this while not offering less for the novice first time buyer. Moreover, I see lots of beginners claiming to be interested in landscape, portrait or wildlife photography where a larger system may provide more for them at a later time. For example, Canon's 17 tilt shift lens can do things no other landscape lens can do. There's nothing similar until you get to Canon and Nikon's 24mm tilt shift and then again, they can do things no other landscape lens can do. That beginner might want to do those things down the road or even right away. I don't know and niether do you. We're guessing.

Take an inexpensive 85mm fast portrait lens. That's something many beginners might wish to have. They may want to have the pretty out of focus backgrounds and can't affort an 85 f/1.4 for over $1500. Nikon and Canon both make the 85 f/1.8 lenses. Nikon's costs only $499 which is within the reach of most people. Some brands don't offer this. They only offer compromises which are more expensive and/or slower. Even Sigma's 85 is almost twice as much. This is an extremely common and desirable lens. It's not some rarely wanted model. See what I mean? Again, we can agree to disagree. No problem.

Have fun and take care of yourself. We might be related you know. I'm Craig Harding, BTW. Glad to meet you.  

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Cheers, Craig
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