"Equivalence" demonstrated: Canon 5D and Panasonic GX1

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Olymore wrote:

Then, when the pixel density is the same, (so number of MP smaller) and the  sensors have the same QE, the smaller sensored camera would have a DR advantage but a resolution disadvantage assuming the same total light.

No.  Again, it's not the pixel count that matters, but the QE and read noise / µphoto.  The evidence so far shows that pixel size has no effect on QE, but read noise is all over the place with different sensor designs.

Basically I'm hoping that some point in the future when sensors have reached a ceiling for QE  I can carry a 2/3 inch or 1 inch sensored camera up a mountain and get the same DR as a much larger sensor for photos that predominantly require large DOF.

This will be done when pixels can refresh during the exposure and one can effectively have no ISO limit at the bottom end (bit depth of the image file permitting).

However, keep in mind that two photos with the same DR can have quite a different look, since DR does not include photon noise in the measure.

Current resolution and noise is sufficient for me.

Current resolution of what?  Compacts with 2/3 inch sensors?  Same question for noise.

I'll read Gollywop's explanation when I get home tonight.

Thanks for the help

Here's something to think about:  the D800 has more than 2 stops more DR than the Canon 5D3.  What does that mean in terms of IQ?  Try this thread for an answer:


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