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Re: WD green drives stink

Jim, you really need to be open to new data when you tell these stories.   Making a strawman statement like - 'do what you like, but I like my data' gives short shrift to discussion.

The 8 sec parking issue is resolvable - w3idle.   And then it does in fact work fine in unix land.  My zfs array continues to spin along, and periodic scrubbing (2 weeks) confirms no bad sectors developing.   Now as I wrote earlier, it did have a rather poor DOA rate when I built the array in fall 2011, though I extend that to drives in general these days.

The fact that you went on to recommend a Seagate 4tb green drive, despite their pretty bad history of late with 1.5s, 2s, 3s, makes me wonder 'WTF?'   You can't rationally write off an entire WD product line based on minimal experience, and then accept a new product from its rival despite their history.

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