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Re: Camera System?

I do none of those things.  You are filtering things through your own insecurities.

I have never claimed to be the next Ansel Adams.

For example, I have upon more then one occasion said not all the images in my gallery are noteworthy.  Some are actually there to illustrate problems with lenses or equipment (and so are "bad" for that reason ), some are bad because I made a photographic mistake but I still like it for whatever reason), others are ok and a few of I think are very good.  I do not make any effort to keep the flawed ones out as my typical shoot is like that old Eastwood movie... good, bad and ugly.  If I was trying to be superior, wouldn't I at least attempt to hide the less then ideal ones?

If you look at my contest entries... I've entered a bakers dozen and never placed better then 7th.  Even one which did rather poorly is listed there.

I have talked about people on here I have asked for advice.  I have pointed out examples of photographers I think are better then me (so new guys can look at some really good stuff).

I have much more experience then you.  And, in large part because of that I have much more knowledge then you.  You resent this and get nasty at every opportunity.  For example when you listed a bunch of sub-par 70-200 lenses an hour or so ago and I took the time to explain what I knew.  Your reply was iingracious to put it mildly.

And in just about every reply no matter how worded you take every correction as some base motivated action.  The poster with lenses costing 10x your kit is jealous of you.  Your entry level is just as good as his pro gear and so on.  No one is feeling or saying any of the things you think they are.

Again, how about you at least consider staying topical?

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See my plan (in my profile) for what I shoot with. See my gallery for images I find amusing.

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