Torn between Min 500mm Reflex and Min 100-400mm APO

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finding long range shots with 500mm

Chris Malcolm wrote:

The virtue of the 500mm reflex is its portability. Mirror lenses can't match refractors in image quality or speed. But a 500mm reflex is small & light enough to take out with you just in case. I often have mine in my bag just in case, & most of the time it stays there. But more than half of my best 500mm shots were completely unplanned & unforeseen lucky opportunities. If I hadn't got the 500mm in my bag I'd have missed them.

You know, the one thing I noticed about using a cheap 500mm MF prime is that you start searching for scenes that you wouldn't ordinarily catch with a 50mm or 90mm. At the risk of stating the obvious, it's like being able to transport yourself a pretty good distance and take a snapshot. I don't think many people realize the effect until they try it. Really opens up your field of vision and possibilities of what you can capture.

Having a zoom like the 70-400mm would be nice if you want to find the subject on the lower range, then get closer on the longer for the shot.

I've compared the image quality & detail resolution against the 100-400mm f4. It's definitely inferior, but at a small fraction of the size weight & price that's to be expected. And if I had the big one I'd still keep the reflex as a stuff in the bag just in case lens. And it would continue to take half of my best long shots.

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Chris Malcolm

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