More questiona about the a77 and a99

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Re: More questiona about the a77 and a99

shadowfax123 wrote:

As far as I know, there isn't any news on a new SAL70200.  There is just speculation.

I've told this story before on how I ended up with the a99.  I saw the deal on  Passed it by my wife — mostly just goofing around — and my wife gave me a definitive NO.  I went to take a nap and my wife came upstairs about an hour later and gave me the OK.  Wow!  I read the reviews, including David Kilpatrick's review, and I went ahead and purchased the a99 w/ grip and flash.  It truly is a joy to shoot when you don't have to worry about tons of flaws with your camera.

I've had the 2470Z since it first became available.  If I could only keep one lens, it would be that one.  It truly has superlative optics, a good focal range on a FF camera, as well a nice build to it — although not weather sealed.  It's survived trips to Australia, France, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, as well as, sub zero temps here in northern Illinois.  Also, it's quite a heavy lens compared to the 2875 or the APS-C 1680z.  I popped my wife's 1680z — which she now uses on the A77 or A700 — on the A99 the other evening just to test it out.  Wow, what a nice, light feeling it has to it.

Best Wishes,


Hi Christopher!

Ah, good to know.

Thanks for the cute story and the endorsement of the 2470Z.  I just got my hubby to agree on the a99 bundle with the 28-75 F2.8 lens.  I think I'll be happy. 


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