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Re: Expecting to hear a whole lot more about Windows 8 ......

Model Mike wrote:

emem wrote:

A colleague has just bought an Acer desktop with Win8 pre-loaded. His answer? He's installed a 256Gb SSD drive and a 2TB hard drive (for storage), installed Win 7 64 bit on the SSD drive and he's disconnected and "parked" the original Win8 hard drive just in case he ever wants to try Windows 8 in the future. Judging from the expletives he's used in describing Microsoft's flagship OS I don't think that's going to happen any time soon. I can see Microsoft going down the gurgler over this OS.

Agree. The consumer preview of Win 8 was enough to turn me off. The UI is a mess.  Finally went with Windows 7 64-bit for my new machine (Core i7 cpu, SSD and 2TB drive, plus Lightroom 4 and PS 5). Starts in seconds and RAW conversion with a 16MP sensor is quick.

To keep the PC in shape, I make sure I only install software if it's (a) 100% necessary and (b) known to be free of crapware like Java, unsolicited toolbars etc.

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I bought a Lenovo ThinkPad back in December and so far no issues.  Same set up speaking W7 64 bit, core i7 on a SSD along with Lightrooom 4.  Should have bought it with a drive in the optical bay but I can add that later on.  I have plenty of external drives to hold me over for quite a while.

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