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jcharding wrote:

System wise the same is also true.  All camera manufacturers currently have a system more than capable of fulfilling the needs of well over 99% of all customers.  So unless your system needs involve shooting wildlife from a blind on a regular basis, or a tilt shift lens is necessary due to your specific needs, or whatever, any of these systems will fit your needs as well.

Ahh, but there's the issue. A person often doesn't know if they will want a tilt shift for landscape use. They may not know that they are going to become a serious bird photographer. They may decide they want a fast portrait lens. Maybe they'll want a fast wide prime lens. They might want to try digiscoping or try reversing lenses on a bellows. Who knows what the future holds and how far your photography might take you?

Sure, your system needs today may not need any of this. Maybe a Canon point and shoot would service today's needs just fine. The advantage to an extensive system is not today's needs. It has nothing to do with that. Otherwise you'd just pick the brand that specifically offered what you need. The advantage lies in what you may need five years from now after you've made a decent investment in some other brand which offers no upgrade path in the direction you want to follow.

Many of us have made that mistake. I invested in a fairly large collection in one brand to find I wanted to be able to change finders and screens with ease. I had to switch systems entirely. I then chose a system which I knew offered me the most lattitude in offerings and compatibility. It's been worth it. As I mentioned, I have glass I purchased new in the late 1960s and 1970s I often still use today and are integral parts of my kit. Choosing a system now, at the start, can be quite important later. There's absolutely no way to know how far this endeavor will go.

Take care.

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Cheers, Craig
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