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Re: Thanks but I am not trying to access it


I see now - you don't go there but still found that in your log? (you didn't make that clear)

In that case I'd suggest that it's just an internal connection (in a web page).

You may have gone somewhere that refers on a cookie to that page, the way that google does with various thing, facebook does with others, ad servers, etc.

Even porno sites refer on to ad servers and even google.. My favourite one tries to refer to a few advert sites (host file blocked though, hehehe)

If you are worried, download malwarebytes antimalware and run it (just run it as a freewaare user, trial version, it'll still tell you if you have "caught something" - I DOUBT you have, but better to be safe).

Run it, scan, then see if it detects anything, then uninstall it.

I thinks it's just referrer stuff, but you never know.

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