How to properly compare RX-100 and NEX-6 kit high ISO noise?

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Re: How to properly compare RX-100 and NEX-6 kit high ISO noise?

Vlad4D wrote:

danny006 wrote:

At 50mm (NEX-6) you get a F5.6, the RX100 gives a F4, so 1 stop difference. There is a 1 stop difference in noise, in favour for the NEX-6. If you look at these crops (imaging-resource), ISO800 for the RX100 and ISO1600 for the NEX-6, there is almost no difference, not in detail and not in noise.

Agree - no difference, because it is same picture (from NEX-6) copied twice

But anyway thank you very much for your research, it proves my initial assumption.

It also means that friend of mine who just have bought NEX-3N would be happier with RX-100

Vlad, under same lighting, both cameras would expose the same way.

If so, the Nex picture 'feels' more impressive, due to the shallower DOF, even with the kit lens.

In your comparison, you also assume that the aperture (wide open) and shutter speed are 'maxed' out (at 1/60th), and that the camera will have to then increase ISO to match exposures.

Sensor sensitivity roughly relates by area, the APS-C is about 2.5x the size of the 1" RX-100 sensor, or the sensor sensitivity compares by root(3)=1.6x. That is about a stop-and-a-half.

This translates in ISO 800 on the RX-100 being roughly equal to ISO 2400 on the Nex.

And you noticed that the aperture drops off faster at tele-zoom for the Nex than for the RX-100, so there is slight aperture advantage for the RX-100 - but this is much less than a full stop, so not a big contributor.

Then, on non-moving objects, you can add in the OSS/OIS controls on both cameras and how they compare, and also add in the prime lenses on the Nex that have a 2-stop advantage over the zoom lenses at certain focal lengths.

What I am trying to say is that a Nex-3N with kit lens still has advantages over the RX-100, except for size and reach. The RX-100 is quite a bit smaller and definitely a very desirable 'pocket-camera'.

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