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Re: Camera System?

The problem I have with you Bjorn, is that you repeatedly use personal attacks. You very quickly start making claims that you are superior, better, having done it longer. You very readily claim that the person you are talking to knows less, has things to learn that you already know. You are trying to make yourself seem superior by trying belittling. So, I have a personal beef with you, because of this arrogance. The bullying is also not very becoming. I'm still scratching my head how people can be this way, because where I'm from, people don't do that sort of thing.

The only thing that I've been contributing, and this is making people very nervous it seems, is that the Sonys do things that the other cameras don't. We know that there are many people that think that Canon and Nikon are the only worthy cameras to consider. People should consider the other brands as well, including Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, Fuji, heck what else, Samsung (nah). So, don't be offended if I drop in. I'm not going to bullied away.

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