Camera System?

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It doesn't matter

Not at all.  Not even slightly.  Go to the store and play around with various Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Oly, Panny or whomever's bodies.  Choose the one that is the most intuitive to you.  All of them take excellent photos. The differences among the brands are generally so small that only serious nitpicking can discern the difference, and that nitpicking is at such a high unrealistic level that the differences verge on irrelevant.

System wise the same is also true.  All camera manufacturers currently have a system more than capable of fulfilling the needs of well over 99% of all customers.  So unless your system needs involve shooting wildlife from a blind on a regular basis, or a tilt shift lens is necessary due to your specific needs, or whatever, any of these systems will fit your needs as well.

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